Advent Calendar 2022

2022 Advent Calendar

We have launched our online 2022 Advent Calendar which is kindly sponsored by Viewpoint Housing Association Ltd, Dark Art Distillery, Rettie & Co Town & Country, Scotmid coop, Run Bike Fun and The Helpful Book Company.

Our online Advent Calendar was created, with an older audience in mind, to showcase the amazing content that is available on the web!

We hope that this resource will encourage the people who use our services to take the opportunity to embrace the skills that they have learned throughout the year and, hope too, that it keeps them entertained, at a time when many may feel very lonely.

The 2022 Advent Calendar counts down to Christmas from 1 – 25 December, there is a door to open every day, and it includes competitions with prizes, online games, videos, music, recipes and a few other fun activities.

Please bookmark (bookmarking help) the online Advent Calendar page and visit it regularly over the next 25 days!

If you have any ideas about how we could improve the online Advent Calendar for next year, please do not hesitate to email Mike.

Enjoy! 🎁