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Community Heroes!

We’re privileged at Tap into IT to have an amazing team who are involved in connecting people with others and building a real sense of community. This has been especially important during the Pandemic when so many older people especially would be even more isolated otherwise. It was a real boost to be nominated by […]

Connecting people.

Several of our group members (-dubbed ‘Tappers’ recently) alluded to loneliness being about a lack of valued connection with others. I began these posts on Loneliness Awareness Week by mentioning our tag line, ‘connecting people, encouraging community’ as the reason I felt it was important for us to mark it.  One of the questions I […]

What helps people to manage loneliness?

This is the 3rd instalment of feedback from some of our Tap into IT group members. What helps them if they feel lonely at times or how do try to help others? Here are some ways in which they manage loneliness. Contacting people Email someone or phone someone. Text someone about any old thing. A […]

“We get lonely but we don’t all get loneliness.”

To recap on yesterday’s post ‘let’s talk loneliness’,​ I found this helpful summing up in the Marmalade Trust website’s ‘loneliness guide’ (-well worth a visit but not just yet, which is why I’m leaving the links till the end!) “We all feel lonely at times – it’s a normal human emotion. We’re biologically wired for […]

Let’s talk loneliness.

‘Let’s talk loneliness.’ That’s the challenge of this year’s ‘Loneliness Awareness Week’. When I was alerted to it at the end of last week, I felt it was something that our online ‘Connecting People’ groups would rise to. I felt it was a priority to make the time to hear what they had to say. […]

Musing on ‘Memes’!

It wasn’t long into my journey with ‘Tap into IT’ that I realised that the ‘tapping’ was into more than just IT! In fact, far better to drop the capital letters when we can.  Riddle-speak? Bear with me a minute! Hopefully, the original idea behind the name is fairly obvious. Tap into all the benefits […]

Let’s Celebrate – at the Christmas Party!

“If anyone had said a year ago that we’d be having our Christmas party online this year, we’d have laughed at them!”  We couldn’t agree more with Maggie’s comment as 25 of us were assembled at last in front of our computers/iPads, the preliminaries over (-unmuting and readjusting cameras to reveal more than the top […]

“Deliverance” by Stewart Conn

There can’t be many poems on the subject of tech support, especially from the likes of Stewart Conn (former Edinburgh Makar/Laureate)! I’m honoured with the one below.  The background is that in the process of clearing a printer jam, his trusty Canon had stopped working. I couldn’t fix it remotely but had a very similar […]

Edinburgh church services move online

Churches, and other places of worship, have had to close their doors due to the Coronavirus lockdown. To counteract this, many of Edinburgh’s ministers and priests are streaming their regular church services online. They are also offering catch up recordings that you can access at a time that suits you. To help you access the […]

Access Newspapers during Lockdown

Are you missing your favourite newspaper due to the Coronavirus lockdown? Do you know that you can still get your daily news, gossip, TV and puzzles on your device? Download the App, for your device, or read your favourite newspaper online by using the links below:- Metro (Free):- iPad/iPhone / Android / Online The Scotsman […]