Come Fly with me

With the ending of some of the COVID restrictions around the beginning of October 2021, Lorence’s Chat Group (John, Carole, Archie & Jim) ) decided to meet face to face at Perth’s airfield in Scone, for a change, as you do!

Why Scone Airfield, I hear you ask? One of the group members, John, had built his own plane around 20 years ago and wanted his group to “Come fly with me”.

John is 79 and holds a full pilots licence. He is currently building a second plane and stores it in his garage! (A better use of a garage than the junk that is stored in mine!)

For the Chat Group outing, they all, with the exception of Jim (he couldn’t make it at the last minute), piled into John’s car and headed off to Scone.

On arrival at Scone, Lorence and Archie helped to push aircraft around to enable John to get his plane out of the hangar as it was very crowded. John used a modified mobility scooter as a tug to pull his plane out of the hangar! Quite an ingenious use for a mobility scooter.

As it was a 2 person plane, Carole ended up in the cockpit with John and they took off on a 45 minute flight around Scone and Perthshire! It was a lovely October day and you could see for miles.

Archie and Lorence amused themselves by helping the other pilots move their aircraft around.

On their return, Carole was grinning from ear to ear and said it was the best day out ever….and didn’t stop smiling for the rest of the day! John suggested lunch in the Airfield’s Greasy Spoon Café, which turned out to be anything but. After lunch the Chat Group headed back to Edinburgh…

What an amazing day out!

Join one of our chat group sessions and see where it takes you, we can’t promise to come fly with me but we can help you make new friends!