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Gadget User Tip: No 3

If you’re banging your head against a wall, see if you can go around it instead…

If you find that every time you do a particular thing it’s a real pain in the neck, there’s a good chance there’s an easier way to do it.

Usually on most devices there are several ways to do the same thing. Sometimes there are umpteen different ways.  

And often some of those ways are fairly quick, simple & easy and others really aren’t.

So if the way you’re using your gadget is tricky or fiddly… or just lots of work, then chances are there’s an easier way.

It might be a way that everyone would find easier or just a way that suits you better.  But it could be worth seeing if there is a simpler way.

Often if you’re using a PC or laptop it might be right clicking on something and seeing what options you get.

Or on a smartphone or tablet the equivalent is usually tapping on the thing you want to do something with, or to, and holding your finger down until a little menu appears.

Of course, if it’s something you only want to do once it doesn’t matter too much if you do it in a long-winded or fiddly way.  But if it’s something you do a lot, it might be worth seeing if there’s an easier way.

So there you go – my third top tip.  Of course, there are lots of other useful pieces of advice, too – but tip 1, tip 2 and this tip are well worth remembering.


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