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Gadget User Tips: No 2 (PC, laptop, smartphone & tablet)

Gadget User Tips 2: You don’t need to “keep up” – but make sure you know what’s useful to you!

So many techies will try to talk you into having the latest kit, learning the latest new things and using the latest apps, features and programs.

But they may simply not be what you want. Or the one you’re already using might be absolutely fine for what you want.

So don’t feel you always need to listen when people say “You should be using this latest gadget”.

I’ll add two things to that, though. First, if it’s a security issue, then you might well need to switch to a newer version.

There are old versions of Windows, for example, that simply aren’t really safe on the internet any more – they’re too easily hacked. Fine it you never plug them into the internet, not fine if you do.

The other thing is that you can’t know whether a new feature, app or whatever would be something you’re interested in unless you know what it does.

So although you don’t have to switch to the latest stuff if what you use does what you want. I’d still suggest you keep your ears open to what new things can do – it might be something you’d never have thought of but that you’d really appreciate. You might even need to try it out in order to see if it works for you.

But if you’re sure a particular thing isn’t for you, fine – just ignore it.


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