AGM online June 2023

Join the club!

We had a good turnout at our AGM last week and very encouraging feedback. I had a few emails after the meeting from customers who use our 1:1/tech support at home service saying that they weren’t aware that we did group work too. Perhaps the same goes for a lot of you reading this, so let me tell you about it.

“I felt forced into it (using tech/the internet). I didn’t understand the jargon. I’m terrified of the thing.”  This is what one person who comes along to one of our Tap into IT groups told us.  Another tenant told us:“I find it stressful to get someone to talk to now.” (contacting companies by phone). That’s why I felt I had to learn how to go online.”  Another, when asked what she liked about the Tap into IT group said: “It’s great having somebody who I can ask daft questions.”

There is a Tap into IT group running every day of the week at various Viewpoint Housing Association locations, mostly for tenants but groups welcome people from the local community too, when they have space. Our focus is on people from retirement age and up, particularly 70 years and above and you are welcome too if you have additional needs, mental or physical. The groups run for 10 week terms then usually have a break for 1-4 weeks (-see >Connecting section). You can drop in at any time – you’re not committed to coming every week.  There’s no charge for Viewpoint tenants, £4 per session or £30 per term for others.

Tap into IT groups exist to meet the sort of need that the quotes above illustrate.

Don’t come expecting a ‘computer class’ (-although you will learn things).

What you can expect is somewhere you can come and

  • be with other people who share the same frustrations as you with living in this digital age (-sometimes I think we’re akin to a ‘Digital Survivor’s group’)!
  • bring whatever device you use, be it iPad/other tablet, mobile phone, laptop or whatever (- we’ll loan you one for the session if you don’t have one yet)
  • be welcomed and not made to feel stupid, no matter how ‘rubbish’ you think you are at using IT
  • have the chance to say what it is you’re struggling with, find you’re not alone and get help to figure it out, even if that’s a bit at a time over a number of weeks
    go over the same thing more than once
  • get practical things done like accessing health information, arranging appointments, booking travel, getting tickets for shows/events, shopping around for best deals ..

So, think of it more like a Club than a class.  We enjoy each other’s company and have a lot of fun. From time to time we’ll do quizzes (-where you’re allowed to ‘cheat’ by looking up the answers online!) and other activities together and share interests.  There’s no pressure to join in if that’s not your thing though.

Contact or phone 0131 228 5716 if you’d like to find out more.