Mobile and broadband increase imminent

Mobile and Broadband Price Increase: Act now!

Paying too much for your mobile or broadband?

Do you know that the monthly fee for your mobile phone and broadband will be going up at the end of March? By about 15% in most cases?

Do you know you’re likely to be paying 25-50% more than you have to already if you’ve not changed anything for a while?

Now add another 15% on that!


J is a long-standing customer with a mobile network provider and has been paying £25 per month since 2016 when she took out the Samsung phone + sim contract. It would have expired in 2018 with the phone fully paid off and the chance to go elsewhere. However, like most of us, she had other things to distract her so she didn’t and has been paying the £25 per month ever since. She doesn’t make a huge number of calls or texts or do much online with the phone when she’s out and about. In other words, she has been paying £10-£15 per month more than she needed to for the last 5 years. £600 – £900!

Similar stories when it comes to broadband.

Is that not worth the hassle of contacting your provider or switching?

Not sure what you are paying? Ask for help today to log in to your mobile or broadband account and browse for better deals. Check out Asda Mobile, £5 per month unlimited calls & texts & 3gb data on a pay as you go basis so you’re not tied in to a lengthy contract but do have the option for it to renew automatically until you cancel.

Tip:avoid the Stores! They are likely to tie you in to a 12-24 month contract and chances are it won’t be the best deal for you.

If Tappers want help to switch, speak to Mike on 07762 982 509.