Just hang up on Phone Scammers

Phone Scams: Warning!

I want to warn as many people as possible about the latest phone scams.

The calls, which are automated, state that they are calling from your broadband provider (i.e. BT, Virgin Media, Talk Talk etc).

The automated caller alleges that there has been illegal activity on your account and states that, “your internet service will be shut down in the next 24 hours, if you don’t press button 1!”

What do you do if you receive phone scams like this?

Don’t panic.
Don’t do as they ask.
Hang up.
Ring your provider to check if what has been said is true. Make sure you contact your provider via a telephone number held in your possession i.e. don’t use a number provided by the suspect caller!

What else can you do?

Register with the Telephone Preference Services (TPS).  This will reduce cold calling from the UK, but not necessarily from abroad.

Speak with your landline telephone provider to see what privacy and call-blocking services are available. There may be charges for some of these services.

You can also read more on handling nuisance calls on the Ofcom website.

If you need information on how to handle online scammers too, please have a look at these websites: