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Shielding Letter and Supermarkets

Firstly, if you have received a SHIELDING letter from John Swinney, MSP recently, then you can register with the Shielding Service by TEXT, via your mobile phone.  Once you have done this, you can TEXT the Shielding number to receive FREE weekly grocery packs. These will take up to a week to be delivered.

It looks as if this is an interim step to give the supermarkets a chance to organise slots for those that are shielding in Scotland – generally an elderly person with an underlying health issue or someone who is vulnerable for whatever reason.

Once you have registered with the Shielding Service, it appears that the local council will pass your details onto a supermarket in your area.  The supermarket will then contact you to arrange future food deliveries.

In the interim, Morrisons are offering those that have received a Shielding Letter, a basic food delivery service. To access this service you need to have your Shielding Letter to hand. Then call Morrisons on 0345 611 6111, select Option 5, and a call centre receptionist will take your food order. The groceries will be delivered to you from a local Morrisons the following day. The grocery list is limited and can be found here. Payment will be taken by the person delivering the goods – please note that they will only accept card payments.

Secondly, if you have NOT received a Shielding Letter there are other options.

The supermarkets all offer elderly opening times as follows:

  • Sainsbury’s (8-9am Monday, Wednesday & Friday),
  • Tesco (9-10 am Monday, Wednesday & Friday)
  • M&S (8-9 am Monday & Thursday)
  • Waitrose (8-9 am everyday during the week and 9-10 am on Sunday).

These times can also be used by your carers, to do your shopping for you.

This post will be updated, as required.