Mike Ellis with iPads & mifi devices supplied by the Scottish Govt Connecting Scotland scheme, ready to be distributed.

A match made in Heaven

Tap into IT is partnering with Slateford Longstone Church of Scotland in a 3 year project to help housebound older people, in their local community, to connect more effectively with others and reconnect with groups and activities for health and wellbeing.

It is being funded by the Tor Foundation.

80 percent of Slateford Longstone Church of Scotland’s 175 membership roll are over 70.

Many of their elderly members have been affected by lockdown, and whilst some of them will return to being in the sanctuary, and others have grasped the opportunity of using zoom, a significant number remain disconnected from the life of a worshipping community. The church knows their community well and have identified the first group of people who are most likely to benefit.

Tap into IT tutors will be providing digital skills training. They will also mentor and train local volunteers to provide the ongoing help for people to stay online and connect with others via zoom etc.

Five church volunteers have been recruited and are ready to start training this month (January) – Covid permitting.