St Patrick's Day

St Patrick’s Day

It’s St Partick’s Day on Sunday, 17 March – we hope that all of our Irish community enjoy the craic!

To commemorate this date, we thought we’d run a quiz in the computer sessions starting on Monday, 11 March.

If you’d like to participate, answer the following questions and hand them to Mike:

  1. What does 17 March signify?
  2. What colour was originally associated with St Patrick?
  3. In which year did St Patrick’s Day become an official bank holiday in Ireland?
  4. What was St Patrick’s claim to fame?
  5. What happened to St Patrick at the age of 16?
  6. Which symbol is associated with St Patrick?
  7. Where was St Patrick born?
  8. What was St Patrick’s birth name?
  9. What was St Patrick’s father’s profession?
  10. Which US city held the first St Patrick’s Day parade in 1737?


There is only 1 prize.
The winner will be the person with all the correct answers.
If there is more than one person with all the correct answers, the winner will be pulled out of a hat and announced by Mike Ellis at Gillespie Crescent Computer Club on Friday, 15 March 2019.

Dia luck (Good Luck in Irish)!