Thomas Cook Aeroplane Grounded!

Thomas Cook ‘ed it – Hope you didn’t book it!

The collapse of Thomas Cook, in September, has had a huge impact on many people’s lives.

If you are one of the hundreds of thousands of customers with advance Thomas Cook bookings you can now make a refund claim.

Please use the Civil Aviation Authority’s online form ( to claim your Thomas Cook refund. Our volunteers will be happy to help you complete this online form but you will need to bring all your documentation to the Computer Club.

Be aware that Scammers are trying to defraud Thomas Cook customers.  Do not engage with third parties that claim they will help you to obtain a refund.  Go direct to the Civil Aviation Authority’s website, as detailed above.

Thomas Cook Traveller’s Cheques

If you still have Thomas Cook traveller’s cheques,  Travelex (bought Thomas Cook’s travel money business in 2000) will encash them for a 5% fee. It is recommended that you cash these in sooner rather than later.