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Gadget User Tip 1: If it goes wrong, do something, don’t just sit there (and wait)!

Sometimes when computers (or whatever) in the office don’t work, if whoever’s using it can’t get it working again, they’ll ask if I’ll help.

I’m quite techie (as hopefully you’ve realised!) so sometimes I can say “have you tried so-and-so” or “maybe it could be such-and-such”. But other times, they’ll come and get me, take me to their PC and tell me what the problem is… I try it out… and lo – it works perfectly.

Now, it’s not that the people here are playing a trick on me and saying their PC is playing up when it isn’t (at least, I’m pretty sure it’s not that…) But sometimes, simply leaving it to sort itself out for the time it takes them to come and get me, tell me what the problem is, wait a minute while I put down whatever I’m doing and come into the other room is enough – in that time it’s sorted itself.

So my number one piece of advice is if something won’t work properly, leave it a minute or two – and if that isn’t enough, try restarting it. Often that’s all it takes and it sorts itself out.

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