Volunteers with Tappers at Viewpoint's Inverard House

Volunteer Experience at Tap into IT

I went along to a session of Tap into IT to see if it was something I could do as a volunteer.

In just that one session, here is my volunteer experience:

– I helped one lady to stream music from her recent church concert and also music by Andrea Bocelli, and how to operate the volume buttons on her phone.
– I listened to others saying how they liked to play games on the internet. They had clearly learned how to download or stream games.
– Others talked about having zoom calls with family and how this really helps with long distance relationships.
– Some people talked about the benefits of doing online shopping e.g. Large, heavy boxes of washing powder could be delivered to your door.
– We got very good NHS information about ‘balance exercises’ from the Internet – really important for older adults to practise.
– With the expertise of the tech volunteer, we got a video of easy dance moves up on the big screen, which everyone got up and tried together.

I know from experience it isn’t always easy to keep asking family or friends for help with IT – how to ‘get onto’ something or ‘out of’ something on the internet or what certain symbols or icons mean.

This is where Tap into IT comes in: An atmosphere of friendly and easy-going support where you can ask any question, however basic or repetitive (or silly) and be sure to get the kind of respectful, patient response needed. In this way you can build up your IT skills bit by bit, without feeling like an ‘encumbrance’, and join in with the rest of society.

If we’re serious about being an inclusive society and if we believe in lifelong learning, then we absolutely need to support older adults to take part in the tech revolution. Every community should have a Tap into IT hub!