Loneliness Awareness Week

What helps people to manage loneliness?

This is the 3rd instalment of feedback from some of our Tap into IT group members. What helps them if they feel lonely at times or how do try to help others? Here are some ways in which they manage loneliness.

Contacting people

  • Email someone or phone someone.
  • Text someone about any old thing.
  • A regular and routine chat with someone.
  • I have a friend who phones once a month or so for about an hour
  • The pandemic makes you think of other people I get in touch by phone with one person it can be up to an hour. I just listen it’s helping her I supposed to get everything off her chest.
  • Invite them to play a game or something;often folk don’t want to talk or open up but gaming is safe.

Going for walks especially with others chatting to people exercise pets

  • Go for a walk you can then talk to someone especially as if they have a dog or a small child.
  • Walking and exercise makes you feel better.
  • Going for a walk even seeing other people helps;there is a sort of company there.
  • I’m fortunate to be able to get out still and walk the dog.
  • I keep in touch with a friend and we go out every week for a walk or whatever.
  • If I didn’t have Daisy (-my cat), it would be even more intolerable.  She jumps up on my lap sometimes;it’s very therapeutic.
  • Feeling you have a connection – a big football match or something to talk about

Finding things to do especially where it brings you into contact with others

  • Doing art work, poetry or writing. You’re externalising things. You can’t always reach out to someone else but you can reach out to yourself and to your surroundings.
  • Having a project or two or 3 to work on helps to keep you busy. I’m interested in certain aspects of history as well as learning Excel at the moment.
  • Through volunteering with Tap into IT I’ve connected with other people as well as doing something useful.
  • If you’ve no family, go to a community centre or join a club of some sort.
  • I’ve done everything more or less before when I felt lonely clubs classes painting cooking learning Spanish…

Connecting with others online.

This warranted a separate post:Connecting People

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